Vivid Montreal Trio WILD MERCURY Rattles And Rolls On Brand New Smasher ‘ORANGE COUNTY…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

12 June 2019

(photo: Valérie Paquette)


Who: “A band that originally wanted to start a folk group that focused on warm vocal harmonies. Surrounded by instruments in their dark jam basement, they got caught up
by an urge of rock, of rooted sounds and of an unfulfilled dream of a riot youth. Better
late than never.”

Pick: ORANGE COUNTY – brand new single, with “lyrics that are a mix of field notes
written during a vacation in Florida, and ideas that came as a consequence of turning
30-years-old – wanting simplicity, but realizing that you sowed intricacies all throughout
your 20s. We composed the music by trying to picture ourselves on a trip where the sun
is always shining”
says the band

Score: Holy smoke! Here’s a boosting smasher bouncing up and down, going slow and fast, hopping from left to right and back. ‘Orange County‘ is sharp-witted, is brisk, is vital and most of all it rattles and it rolls big time. Make yourself some room, you’ll need it to jump around after hitting the button right here…


ORANGE COUNTY – out now – you can purchase the track here

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