BABYBIRD Drops Darksome ‘NO CAMERAS’ Reflection From Upcoming LP…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

13 June 2019

Those who only know Stephen Jones aka BABYBIRD from his massive 1996 hit single
Your Gorgeous‘ (from the magnificent, gloomy Ugly Beautiful album) think that he
was just a one hit wonder. For those, like me, who kept track with this quite unique singer/songwriter/musician (check his splendid There’s Something Going On LP if you never heard it) we saw an artist who never stopped following his enigmatic and troubled muse. Check his Bandcamp page here and his Spotify here and you’ll wonder if  the man actually ever slept.

And now BABYBIRD is back from being never been away but this time with something really special. His first vinyl album in 21 years, entitled PHOTOSYNTHESIS will be out on 19th July. And here’s the newest single. NO CAMERAS feels like a bluesy torch song, like
a critical take on this modern times ‘Me, myself and I‘ photo epidemic. But you are never quite sure about Jones‘ ambiguous and/or inscrutable chain of thoughts. Anyway this stirring contemplation causes chills down your back. Absorb the mood right here…

BABYBIRD: Facebook

PHOTOSYNTHESIS – out 19th July – all info and pre-order facilities here

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