Canadian Foursome ANOTHER CRUSH Impresses With New Sensory Single ‘HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

23 July 2019


Who: A passionate four-piece based in Ontario that never should have seen
the day of light, but parallel personal tragedies brought the group together

Pick: HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY – second single from their upcoming debut EP, out in October. A song about “a wish for the people you have loved, a prayer that they stay true to themselves and a nod to the truth that we’re often our own worst enemies. It’s a wish both for them and for yourself, even though it may not be clear what that means at the time .”

Score: A slow-burning electrical torch, both seductive and powerful. A zealous groove
that creeps slowly but surely under your skin with its blistering progression and the sensory voice of charismatic frontwoman Heather Valley. Feverish piece! Rad cut!

Check the ardent vibe here…


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