Dream Pop Duo UMMAGMA Dropped Another Track From New LP – Here’s ‘HIGH DAY’

Brand new sonic impulses

23 July 2019


Who: The duo of Canada born Shauna McLarnon and Alexander Kretov from Ukraine started their musical project back 16 years ago in Moscow. Now based in Peterborough, Ontario, the duo released two LPs so far and their third full length, after a 7-year gap, called ‘Compass‘ is ready to hit the streets in a couple of days.

Track: HIGH DAY – newest track from upcoming LP

Score: If there’s a studio somewhere in heaven I’m sure this track was recorded there. ‘High Day‘ sounds heavenly, harmonious and angelic with its multi-layered harmonies and its tender-hearted melody. It’s a short musing but it transfers you to phantasy land for a couple of minutes. Tune in and feel free as a bird right here…

UMMAGMA: Facebook –  Twitter

New album COMPASS out 26 July – all info right here

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