Clamorous And Capricious Motherrockers THANK Advice To ‘THINK LESS’…

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29 July 2019

A band that calls itself a Slipknot covers band has my hungry attention directly. Not that I’m a fan of those overrated dressed-up Iowa cowboys who recently reunited only to make tons of American dollars, but I just love the humour and irony of labeling your group that hilarious way.

That aside, let’s talk some real noisebizz now. This Leeds screamy and chaotic turbo called THANK already woke up their hometown about two years ago with their mentally havoc EP ‘Sexghots Hellscape’ and gearing up to unleash their follow-up EP titled ‘Please‘, out
in October.

Ahead of it comes furious single ‘THINK LESS‘. A volcanic blow-up build around an incessant, head-spinning, percussive bass riff that tries to survive amidst the sustained attack of crackling guitars, thwacking drums and the devilish singer’s vocal madness. This brutal squad balances somewhere between Irish amok makers Girl Band and early Liars  insanity. Yes, like an ear-shattering tank! Don’t think, just press to play right here and trash yourself…

THANK: Facebook

New EP PLEASE out 11th October – all info here

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