Groove And Move With THE NEW POLLUTION To Their Hypnotic Jam ‘PUSHING BACK’…

22 September 2019


Who: A group from Worcester/New York seeking to combine groove, punk,
psychedelic music, pop, and atmospheric sounds

Track: PUSHING BACK – the band’s newest single

Score: I found out about this rather mysterious band just 15 minutes before starting
to write this Shout Out. Only one spin of their latest single was enough to get entirely euphoric of what my greedy ears experienced. ‘Pushing Back‘ really creeps under your
skin without asking permission. It’s all about an ongoing repetitive hypnotic guitar riff starting first as if The Stooges were fronted by Joy Division’s Ian Curtis rather than Iggy Pop. Then, after about ninety seconds synths get involved in smoothly and playfully giving this jam an airy dancey feel for a couple of minutes before ending with some dark Krautrockish outro. Hypnotic stuff! Bingo! On repeat!!

Press play and move like if you’re your eight miles high just like these
motherrockers act in their own wacko DIY ‘cheaper is cooler‘ clip right here…

THE NEW POLLUTION: Twitter – Instagram – Bandcamp

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