Brighton’s ANIMAL HOUSE Twists And Shakes On New Blustering Single ‘MODERN ROMANCE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

11 October 2019

After their tremendously bouncy September single Legs Out For Summer Brighton‘s swirling collective ANIMAL HOUSE already return with another new piece from their upcoming debut album ‘Premium Mediocre’, out 15th November.

Frontman Will McConchie says about new one ‘MODERN ROMANCE’: “Why does everyone on tinder go to Machu Picchu? You can now pay a guide to accompany you up the famous mountain to take photos of you whilst you hike the mountain. Wedding photographers in Los Angeles are now getting more bookings for dating profiles than weddings. It’s all pretty weird, so is this song.”

Modern Romance is a sickly sticky snorter that will blow you away. It twists and shakes like a high-speed train on the run. Totally overwhelming, uncontrollably zippy and entirely breathtaking. There’s no way you can ignore this terrific whirlwind. Press play and go bananas…


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