Impassioned London Trio HAVVK Shares Notable Clip For New Stirring Single ’52’…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

12 October 2019


Who: “Trio originally formed in London in 2014, and relocated to Berlin two summers ago.
The band initially evolved around Julie Hough’s solo project but evolved into a challenging
trio with more atmosphere, punch, and political edge than before.”

Track: 52 – newest single about “our experience of the growing political and social climate, and those who lead it. We hope that we start to celebrate and find the positives in what we share and makes us different rather than using them to drive a wedge between us.”

Score: What an all-powerful quit/Loud/quit outburst this is. Julie Hough‘s stupendous and passionately charged vox transfers this overall exuberant performance to a majestic level that already leaves a most notable mark after just one blood-curdling spin. A fabulous proof of how some artists can translate political commitment into an energized intensity able to affect affects the listener’s attention instantly. The accompanying clip fits perfectly well with the song’s overwhelming sensitivity.

Listen/watch here…

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