Brighton’s Fiery Punk Rockers GURU Rush On Brand New Snappy Single ‘DON’T TALK’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

21 October 2019

(credit: Sarah Lopez)

From the classic buzzing city of Brighton here comes fiery three-headed turbo GURU making some notable noisy waves at the forefront of their city’s raucous punk scene recently. To show that they walk it like they talk it here’s new snappy single ‘DON’T TALK’. A brusque outburst “about learning. Learning from situations, learning from others, learning not to be like others and subsequently not making the same mistakes as those people have” sounding urgent, red-hot-blooded and impetuous. No lack of hollering energy nor lack
of feisty spitting and sneering here!

Catch the speedy turbulence this way…

DON’T TALK is actually part of double A-side single. Second track is called LTD,
A bouncy jingle-jangle slam that will do your head in. Find out why here…

GURU: Facebook

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