Synth Pop At Its Catchy Best – Here’s GEOWULF With The Title Track Of New Album ‘MY RESIGNATION’…

22 October 2019

Australian synth pop globbetrotters duo Star Kendrick and Toma Banjanin aka GEOWULF have both individually lived between Berlin, London & Gothenburg for the last six years. They started writing music together in 2016, released their debut LP Great Big Blue two years ago and will launch their second full length titled ‘MY RESIGNATION‘ next Friday. More info here.

A couple of weeks ago the duo shared the title track, a song about “resigning from old habits and relationships. Creating space for new things and learning to let go”. Here’s a recently recorded live rendition of this irresistibly catchy ditty. Despite its moody touch, you’ll hum/sing/whistle this highly fetching tune instantly without hesitation whenever or wherever you’ll hear it.

Capture the seductive vibe here…

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