R.I.P. LOU REED – Passed Away 27 October 2013…

28 October 2019

It’s already 6 years that LOU REED left us. In May 2013, he underwent a liver transplant
as he was diagnosed with liver cancer but on 27 October 2013 the iconic artist, eccentric and capricious performer, genial and controversial lyricist and prominent and idiosyncratic poet lost his health battle, he was 71. From the groundbreaking New York City bohemians The Velvet Underground to his ups and downs solo career Reed was a sonic explorer and exceptional observer and storyteller. R.I.P.

Here are three of Turn Up The Volume‘s favorite Lou Reed Classics from his captivating, passionate and truly special live performance in 1984 at Capitol Theatre in Passaic, NJ .




LOU REED: Facebook – Website

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