Leeds Collective TALKBOY Impresses With New Striking Single From Their EP – Here’s ‘HOLLOW SPHERES’…

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2 November 2019


Who: “Emerging in late 2018 with euphoric this fledgling six-piece have since become
one of Yorkshire’s hottest indie prospects, shifting between epic moments of joyful indie
pop, interspersed with emotional and engaging songwriting”

Track: HOLLOWS SPHERES – the brand new single from their brand new EP called
Over & Under‘ (see below) – Basically the song is about “the idea that, although it really
does feel very bad now, you have to try to understand it won’t be like this forever. It is
inevitable that something will change and one day you will feel something different.”

Score: This is solid gold pop excellence. ‘Hollow Spheres’ is inventively composed and
richly layered. After the rather quit, meditative intro this fervid humdinger explodes
into an overwhelming liveliness reminding me of Arcade Fire‘s driving pithiness and
vocal vivacity. Yes, that good, that magnificent, that vibrant. Major achievement!

Experience the sonic grandeur right here…

After this wonderful beauty I’m sure you’re eager to hear more TALKBOY.
Here’s the band new varied and exciting EP ‘OVER & UNDER’ in full…

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