PURPLE HEART PARADE Drops First Feverish Single From Upcoming EP – Here’s ‘PETRICHOR’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

23 December 2019


Who: “A band that got driven by Manchester’s burgeoning post-industrial bubble to spawn
their shoegaze fantasies. The quintet’s meteoric rise is gaining interest from highly esteemed peers, with noted admirers including the likes of Nick McCabe, Mark Gardener, Simone Butler (Primal Scream) and Sean Lennon to name but a few.”

Track: PETRICHOR – first track from upcoming EP ‘Desolation Angel‘, out 10th January

Score: ‘Petrichor‘ sounds like a slow-burning psychedelic shoegaze symphony with sensitive moments interspersed with a wall of blistering guitars injecting this glowing
stunner with an intensely absorbing fervour and a highly feverish vibrancy. Imposing piece, impressive resonance and intoxicating vocality. Rad performance!

Hear the captivating vibrations right here…


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