New Chicago Grunge Band DEAD ORIGINAL Hits Firmly With Robust Single ‘HARD TO SEE’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

6 January 2020


Who: A new Chicago grunge infused trio started by Paul Wandtke (ex-Trivium and the hit musical Rock of Ages). Feeling inspired to pick up a guitar, he now fronts Dead Original with Nick Rich on drums and Sean McCole on bass. The threesome mixes a blend of grunge, groove power, simple riffs, melodic hooks and some progressive elements via some tastefully placed odd meters.

Pick: HARD TO SEE – new single

Score: Within ten seconds of this blusterous corker, guitar, bass, and drums explode into a smashing intro that grabs you instantly by the throat. You’ll hear echoes from Led Zeppelin to Nirvana and many notorious noisemakers in between. High-voltage stuff indeed. After the explosive start, the song turns into a more melodic and soulful sensitiveness leading towards the both catching and moody chorus. Overall ‘Hard To See‘ is a boisterous grunge injected eruption that sticks after one spin.

Tune in right here…


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