New Psych Electro Pop Duo FETES Advises You To Spend ‘TIME IN THE SUN’…

7 January 2020


Who: A new psych/pop/electronica project by Port Macquarie singer-songwriter
Cristian Campano and Brisbane producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Hardy

Song: TIME IN THE SUN – newest single – Campano explains what the track is about ‘It seems in this world right now people are getting taken down by mental health problems. This song is about pushing through the hard times and treating yourself with love and kindness to get back to a positive mental state.’

Score: This highly stimulating tune could perfectly work as your new wake-up call song to get up in the morning with. From the get-go, starting with an ongoing synth key beat, this whirling electro earworm will boost your mood and make you jump out of bed with a firm dose of lust for life. It’s inspirative force and it’s utterly feel good panache causes a sunlit experience you can not and you will not resist.

Get happy right here…

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