Swing Yourself Dizzy With Paris Duo FOXYLIGHT And Their New Single ‘SECOND SUN’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

7 January 2020


Who: A young French duo out of Paris mixing hypnotic beats and retro-futuristic obsessions to deliver music that is at once contemplative, danceable and nostalgic.
They released their debut EP Into The Foxy Light in 2018.

Pick: SECOND SUN – new single

Score: If your body refuses to react to this terrifically swinging dance floor killer
then you should consult your doctor instantly. ‘Second Sun’ is an irresistible electro knockout going supersonic, a retro synths driven steamroller making your blood
stream faster, an overwhelming glamour and glitter stomper that will activate your adrenalin’s flow. Get up and sway yourself dizzy to this avalanche of catchy beats …


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