Scottish Sound-Exploring Trio CHECK MASSES Debuts With Hypnotizing Single ‘DRIPN ANGEL’…

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11 January 2020


Who: “Three Scottish music innovators who have emerged from the nocturnal shadows. Separately, Vic Galloway, Saleem Andrew McGroarty and ‘Philly’ Angelo Collins have helped shape the sound of Edinburgh through underground gigs, club culture and broadcasting. They pull on their different influences in CHECK MASSES, reflecting facets of the ever-evolving city, both the birthplace of Scottish punk, and the home of Young Fathers.”


Score: This magnetic, hypnotic and psych-o-delic groove gets under your skin from
the get-go. Its sensual, bewitching and enigmatic progression is totally spellbinding but simultaneously the ghostly vocals and the euphonic choir-like chant that comes and goes add a sort of mysterious and ominous touch turning this amazing trip into a sort of slo-mo voodoo dance that’s both haunting and seductive. An arresting and striking debut.

Experience the captivating vibe and eye-catching psych clip right here…

CHECK MASSES: Facebook / Clip filmed and directed by Gareth Goodlad

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