Electro Post Punk Duo ZEROPOLIS Debuts With Flaming Belter ‘YOUR LIFE’…

22 January 2020


Who: A fresh duo of two French exiles who met in London producing “drum machine
driven songs with a danceable approach that still have the doom and gloom vibe any good post-punk act should

Track: YOUR LIFE – the single from their debut EP, out on Brexit Day, 31 January.
Your Life‘ is “a song about digital surveillance as a whole, and in particular how
Internet spying turned us into a stalking society”

Score: My oh my! This flaming electro belter sounds and looks like your favourite nightmare. It’s a red-hot-tempered eruption energized irresistibly by a full steam ahead, relentless drum machine, adrenalized with tremendously catchy psychotic electronics and brisk, vociferous vocals inviting you to scream along with the titanic chorus. There’s only way to play this standout stunner: VERY LOUD!

Listen/watch right here…


Self-titled debut EP out 31 January – more info and details on Bandcamp

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