Brighton Dream Pop Trio CIEL Shines With A Moony Reverie From Their Debut EP – Here’s ‘THE SHORE’…

New sonic impulses

25 January 2020

(Photo Jantina Talsma)

Band: CIEL

Who: A Brighton based trio comprising of Dutch musician Michelle Hindriks and the
friends she made upon relocation to Brighton. The three-piece have quickly earned
kudos for their exquisite live shows, having already supported the likes of Hatchie,
and Penelope Isles.

Track: THE SHORE – lead single from their upcoming debut EP ‘Movement’ out in
the Spring. The song is “about a moment where you feel stuck in your life and are waiting
for it to ‘really’ begin; yet at the same time, you realise it’s just an illusion and your life has already begun, and you’re living it right now. Losing the connection with that essence can
feel extremely frustrating”.

Score: This is dream pop at its finest. Moony, tender and melancholically melodious.
The Shore‘ is a wake-up reflection about discovering that you actually live in the present. Hindriks‘ voice is enticing, starry-eyed and sensitive, matching the moody synths sonority
of this introspective song perfectly well and that elevating guitar sequence around the
2-minute mark shines brightly and gives this sonic meditation a lively, hopeful feel.

Sitting on the shore waiting for life to start
What am I waiting for? / When the earth is my greatest love /
Staring at the shore / in the meantime life is hard

Discover the moony beauty in full right here…

CIEL: Facebook

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