Here Are British Ear-Splitting Rockers FALSE HEARTS With New Stormy Single ‘MISERY LOVES COMPANY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 January 2020

British rowdy rockers FALSE HEARTS formed in 2016, released their rough deburt EP ‘Dirty Little Soul’ in 2018 and its single ‘Cynical Love’ appeared on the soundtrack of slasher movie Strangers 2: Prey At Night. Great way to start your musical journey!

Now the band is gearing up for their second 4-track EP called ‘REMEDY‘, out on 3 April. Ahead of it they dropped new single ‘MISERY LOVES COMPANY’. A nasty motherrocker
of a song. An explosive quietLOUDquiet steamroller with a titanic melodiousness and with charismatic frontwoman and vehement voice Emma Hodgson leading the noisy troops and detonating when the rip-roaring chorus blows out of the speakers. Volcanic stuff with a pulverizing resonance. You better alert your neighbours before you press play.

Headbang right here…


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