Emotive New Album ‘PLEASE DADDY’ By Magnetic Voice SARAH MARY CHADWICK Out Now!…

25 January 2020


Who: Australian singer/songwriter

Album: PLEASE DADDY – her sixth LP

Press statement: “A collection of ten merciless and arresting new songs, Please Daddy showcases the best of Sarah Mary Chadwick’s songwriting and story-telling, whilst, crucially, offering moments of lightness and humour too. With the addition of woodwind instruments
and golden, flourishing melodies, Please Daddy represents a step forward, suggesting “that
it’s still possible to find meaning when you’re weighed down by feelings”.

Turn Up The Volume:
It’s a very long time since I heard sadness, grief, distress, sorrow, vulnerability and insecurity sound so heartbreaking and so magnificent at the same time. Chadwick‘s voice is just overwhelming and her awe-inspiring mixed emotions songs (all ballads, except the upbeat ‘Let’s Fight‘) have the same profound impact as Nick Cave‘s most heavyhearted reveries. If you feel down, melancholic and alone than ‘Please Daddy‘ will be a comforting companion.

Here’s the pearl in full…

Buy or stream ‘PLEASE DADDY‘ right here  

SARAH MARY CHADWICK: Facebook / / photo: Xixi Cao

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