British Intense Foursome NEVERMAN Released Avid Track From Upcoming EP – Here’s ‘IBIZA 98’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

29 January 2020


Who: This Portchester-based foursome was formed two years
ago by Matt McGowan (singer/guitarist) producing catchy melodies,
heartfelt lyrics and an energetic sound.

Track: IBIZA 98 – first track from their upcoming EP called ‘Not A Prison, It’s A Prism‘,
out 21 February. “The song is aimed at people who need to lose something before they
realise what they have…not once but repeatedly… like an addiction.

Score: This ardent song’s passion is intense and hot-blooded with frontman Matt
elevating this stirring eruption to an aroused level. The profound emotions swing forth and back, so does the band’s feverish sonority. From tranquil and bluesy
sensibility to vigorous and fortissimo sequences. You’ll be out of breath in the end.

Feel the fervour right here…

NEVERMAN: Facebook

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