Fervid Singer/Songwriter ATTAWALPA Drops Groovy Slo-Mo Single ‘HOLLIDAY’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

17 February 2020


Who: A South American singer-songwriter based in London who’s “music is the sum of his influences, a colourful and culturally rich Schmorgers board of sounds, textures, emotions, and grooves from eras across a multitude of genres; sitting comfortably in between rock, alternative and pop spaces. His Peruvian heritage plays a part too.”

Track: HOLLIDAY – 3rd single off his debut EP ‘Spells‘ landing 3rd March – “I wanted
Holliday to sound like Kanye West traveled in time to produce Neil Young at the height
of their careers – Kanye ‘Dark Twisted Fantasy’ era producing ‘On The Beach Neil era!”
says Attawalpa

Score: ‘Holliday‘ is a sensual, soothing slo-mo groove with a glam touch reflecting the
desire to get away from the daily rut and drift away. The dreamy musing is spiced with what sounds like a full electrifying orchestra. The captivating chorus gets instantly under your skin and in your head, the bewitching backing vocals add a dramatic effect and the piano sequence, in the end, is just beautiful. You’ll embrace this mesmerizing and bluesy yearning after one spin.

Sit down, relax, close your eyes and float away here…

While you’re here check the two previous shared tracks Take A Bite and Borrowed Time

(Photo: Tom Beard)


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