OZZY OSBOURNE Featuring POST MALONE Rage Faster Than A Jet On Kamikaze Single ‘IT’S A RAID’…

New sonic impulses

20 February 2020

Despite he’s 70 metal icon OZZY OSBOURNE is not ready yet to retire. Tomorrow he releases his umpteenth solo album called ‘ORDINARY MAN’. He already shared three tracks before ‘Under The Graveyard‘, ‘Straight To Hell and the title track, a ballad, featuring, yes, Elton John. Here is track number four featuring rapper Post Malone.
They worked together before.

‘IT’S A RAID’ is a blitzkrieg punk fireball going faster than a jet. It’s like the pair are on a kamikaze mission with Ozzy screaming his lungs out and Post Malone also producing deafening decibels. Midway they slow down a bit to reload the batteries for a crushing
‘Fuck You All’ finale.

Check your speakers before pressing play…


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