Vivid Garage Engine CHEMTRAILS Released Swirling Lead-Single From New LP – Listen Here To ‘PARANOIACS’…

New sonic impulses

21 February 2020


Who: “Garage-punk and acid-corroded new-wave outfit who first emerged as a 5-piece
in 2016, having started life as the lo-fi bedroom recording project of romantic partners
Mia Lust and Laura Orlova. They were quickly snapped up and signed by Swedish label
PNKSLM Recordings having played only one gig. So far they released three EPs and
their debut LP Call Of The Sacred Cow
” (check it all out on their Bandcamp page).

Track: PARANOIACS – lead-single from their upcoming second LP – a song about
self-doubt, feeling insecure and getting paranoid by assertive people around you.

Score: What you get here is a flaming ripper that encourages you to get up in the
morning and kick some macho ass. An infectious belter balancing between 60s garage
vehemence and amplified melodic power pop, exploding with a bang after the playful intro. Fueled by glowing guitars, a swirling flow you’ll drown in, an overall flamboyant resonance and Mia Lust‘s spicy vocals and catching energy injecting the vivid chorus
with adrenalin you will jump and bounce all over the place. Top stroke!


New LP The Peculiar Smell Of The Inevitable out 15 May via PNKSLM Recordings

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