OUT TODAY! Intense Solo Debut Album By GREG DULLI – Here’s ‘RANDOM DESIRE’…

21 February 2020

Today GREG DULLI – the frontman for years of The Afghan Whigs and Twilight Singers – released his first solo longplayer called ‘RANDOM DESIRE‘. After a couple of spins it’s clear that, I know it’s early in the year, that this is and will be one of the most gripping honest, most human, most gripping and most affecting LPs of 2020. Dulli digs deep into his soul and translates his findings into a passionate work that in turn touches our souls. No fillers, all emotional killers. Poetic music for the twilight hours.

The press praises ‘Random Desire‘ too. Here are some reflections…

“The Afghan Whigs leader’s debut solo album balances guitar-slashing catharsis with candelabra-lit elegance, taking inspired tangents from his signature nocturnal sensibility without departing from it entirely.”

“Dulli remains a restless and unpredictable frontman, constantly distorting his voice from a soaring falsetto into a bellowing bass, as though he’s just getting started.”

‘Reminds us why he was one of the alt-rock era’s most compelling tortured romantics’

“Where the spiraling The Tide is a ringer for his old band, he’s at his best when he’s playing a velvet-voiced Mephistopheles on A ghost or leading a spectral New Orleans jazz band on through the low-key electronic soundscape of Lockless.”

“Before they were rock royalty, Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen were artists who could best be classified as “If you know, you know.” That means before they got the deserved love, respect and acclaim that often comes with being able to survive the music industry for more than 30 years hey were those artists only those diehard fans would travel to see, get their lyrics tattooed on them and exclaim in wide disbelief when fans hadn’t heard of their heroes. You can add Greg Dulli to that group too.”

Album in full here…

Buy and /or listen to ‘RANDOM DESIRE‘ right here.

photo by TUTV!

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