BODY COUNT Shares Metal Sledgehammer ‘BUM-RUSH’ From Upcoming LP…

New sonic impulses

21 February 2020

Metal rapper ICE-T and his hammering BODY COUNT gang unleash new longplayer ‘CARNIVORE‘ on 6 March. Three years after their fierce album Bloodlust. After they shared the brutal title track  last December the band just dropped a second piece.

‘BUM-RUSH’ is another red-hot cannonball that hits you right in the face. Its atomic
power is explosive enough to pulverize the White House. Ice-T still attacks injustice relentlessly, still sneers and spit viciously and still delivers cast-iron and ignitable
molotov cocktails with an earthshaking impact. Wham Bloody Wham Bam!!!

Catch the heated outburst right here …

BODY COUNT: Facebook

Artwork new album CARNIVORE – out 6 March 2020

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