Brighton’s Fierce Punks HELL BEINGS Go Totally Bonkers On ‘STILL THEY GOVERN FROM MARS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

25 February 2020


Who: “At best, maybe it’s Roky Erickson banging ’em out with the Sex Pistols,
lyrics pencilled in by a chuckling Elliott Smith and at worst, in tune and no pencil!”

Track:  ‘STILL THEY GOVERN FROM MARS  – latest track the band put online

Score:  Without a shadow of a doubt the filthiest stonker my hungry ears ever heard
by these DIY punks. It’s all about a monstrous repetitive Black Sabbathesque riff that
does your poor head in without mercy and a clamorous roaring chorus that will test
your vocal cords’ flexibility. WHAM BLOODY WHAM BAM! Open your window and doors and scare the hell out of your neighbourhood.

Go bonkers right here…

Also on Spotify

HELL BEINGS: Twitter –  Bandcamp


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