Aroused Canadian Rockers KING PARK Released Epic Single ‘LISTEN UP NOW’…

25 February 2020


Who: “King Park has been turning out mercurial, high-contrast indie rock since they released their 2017 breakout track Stay, Gritty and lush, the quartet’s sound mirrors the antitheses of their hometown, Hamilton, Ontario: on the one hand, blue-collar and raw, and, on the other, artful and lovely.”

Track: LISTEN UP NOW – brand new single

Score: My oh my! This is a titanic stunner starting as a frisky and poppy humdinger with blissful guitar sparks, impassioned vocals, and a funky feel. Slowly but surely ‘Listen Up Now‘ grows in perfervid intensity, in flaming ardor and in amplified powerfulness. The
final result is an irresistible, epic tour de force that blows your mind and boosts your adrenalin’s flow. 24 Karat brilliance! Top stuff!

Feel the ardent vehemence right here…

Also on Spotify

KING PARK: Facebook – Instagram

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