DEAP LIPS With Crystal Clear Mantra ‘MOTHERFUCKERS GOT TO GO’ From Their Upcoming Album…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

2 March 2020

Only two weeks to go before the utterly cool project DEAP LIPS consisting of
Californian female blues-rock duo DEAP VALLY and frontman Wayne Coyne
and multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd of Oklahoma’s kooky psych rockers
THE FLAMING LIPS will launch their self-titled album.

The stellar supergroup shared two great tracks so far. Riveting ballad
Hope Hell High‘ and cracking Yahama stroke ‘Home Thru Hell’.

And here’s another new one. ‘MOTHERFUCKERS GOT TO GO’ is a mantra-like
stomper with Lindsey Troy‘s repeating the song’s title over and over again with
her threatening vox growing in kick-ass intensity along the way. With what we
heard so far I’m quite confident that an astonishing album is coming our way.
Hell Yeah!

Capture the motherrocking drone right here…

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