Fiery Trio NOISS Turn Up The Heat On Sledgehammer ‘PUNCH IN MY FACE’…

2 March 2020


Who:“Noiss (pronounced [no-i-s] or “noï-ce”) is a grunge/punk rock/ metal band from Chambery, French. A bass-drums-guitar trio that released their EP self-titled debut EP
two years ago.”

Track PUNCH IN MY FACE – newest single

Score: This sledgehammer sounds like legendary noiseniks Nirvana and Queens Of The Stone Age had a deafening jam. ‘Punch In My Face’ is a no-nonsense grungy stoner fireball. Fiery, vociferous and totally mad. If you like to bang your head against your bedroom wall once in a while then this is the perfect slam to do it to. Warn your neighbors before playing this outrageous metallic rocker! Aaaaaaargghhh!

Listen/ Watch right here…

NOISS: Facebook / Label: Minimal Chords

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