Krautophonic Wave Duo WARM DIGITS Team Up With THE LOVELY EGGS For New Ace Single ‘FEEL THE PANIC’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

4 March 2020

British flamboyant electro duo WARM DIGITS release new album FLIGHT OF IDEAS on
3 April. After sharing trippy lead single The View From Nowhere featuring Emma Pollock and second techno cut Fools Tomorrow, a collaboration with Maximo Park‘s frontman Paul Smith, the pair teamed up with singer Holly of psych pop adventures THE LOVELY EGGS for brand new stormy single FEEL THE PANIC.

A kick-ass electronic ripsnorter, lyrically “based around a psychology experiment from the early 1980s, which was published under the name “Being Sane In Insane Places” in which
eight people decided to see if they could get themselves admitted to psychiatric hospitals
despite not being unwell.
“. Musically ‘Feel The Panic‘ is an ecstatic synth-driven stunner
spiced with cutting vocals and a sickly sticky chorus. Its supersonic drive, its speedy
pace, and Krautophonic dynamism will boost your adrenalin’s flow. Get your dancing
shoes out of the closet, move your furniture and dance yourself totally nuts.

Panic right here…


New album FLIGHT OF IDEAS out 3 April. Pre-order facilities here.

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