Metal Rap Gang BODY COUNT Released New Ferocious Album Today – Here’s ‘CARNIVORE’…

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6 March 2020

Heavy metal rap gang BODY COUNT released their seventh album ‘CARNIVORE’ today and ICE T sounds as furious and angry as on the band’s self-titled debut LP from 1992.
He still attacks any kind of inequality, any kind of human and social exploitation and any kind of political dominance and corruption. And he still does it with ferocious drones and razor-sharp eruptions.

NME says: “As long as there’s injustice, there’ll be a need for Ice T’s vital brand of hardcore… ‘Carnivore’ is a depressing reminder of how little has changed and how far we still have to go… they might not be the world’s most dangerous band anymore but as long as there’s social division and terrible politicians calling the shots, there’ll always be a place for Body Count.”
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Album in full…

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Q & A with ICE-T about the new LP…

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