Watch Red-Hot Punk Tornado AMYL And THE SNIFFERS Go Apeshit With Live Version Of ‘CONTROL’…

Memorable live moments…

16 March 2020

One of the loudest sensations of 2019 was, undoubtedly, Australian punk tornado
AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS with their smashing self-titled debut album and their
kamikaze concerts as I experienced myself when they came, saw and conquered
the city of Antwerp in Belgium last year. Check my impressions here.

The band just announced a 3-track live EP on 7″. Ahead of it comes footage of their knockout rendition of ‘CONTROL‘, one of the hottest tracks on their debut LP, filmed
in August 2019 at Croxton Bandroom in the band’s hometown of Melbourne. Watching
the hot-blooded performance you wonder when hyperkinetic frontwoman Amy Taylor‘s head will explode. Hell bloody hell yeah!

Go apeshit too right here…

Antwerp, 11 June 2019 – pics by TUTV

Wham bam…

No mercy…

Let it fly…

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