HARD-FI Frontman RICHARD ARCHER Launched His New Project OFFWORLD…

New sonic impulses

18 March 2020

RICHARD ARCHER, frontman of British angry rockers HARD-FI just launched his
new project called OFFWORLD. Today the new act dropped its debut single and announced an EP for April and a full album later in the year.

Archer told NME: “We’re all really proud of the music we’ve made for OffWorld and
personally it’s been so cool to work with such talented musicians and awesome people.
We wrote and recorded these songs in a turbulent period of our history when the belief
that we were all moving forward took a hit, after reading too much science fiction we
ended up projecting our worries onto a different world.” “

Debut single ‘BRAVE TO BE ALIVE‘ described as “a fuzz bass hymn to the badass
warrior goddess/mother”
is a stormy rocker inspired by all brave women around
the world who stand up and fight against all sorts of discrimination of women.

Here’s the lyric video…

OFFWORLD: Facebook

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