Hammering Brighton Brothers SONS Get Angry On Brand New Raging Blast ‘SWEAT’…

Daily electricity to load your batteries


25 March 2020

Band: SONS

Who: Brigthon brothers Lee and Nick Meldrum burst onto the scene in 2016. They produce explosive vocal melodies and buzzsaw riffs that could wake the dead and
catchy hooks you’ll love.

Song: SWEAT“The meaning behind ‘Sweat’ is it’s a song about falling for someone you
knew was a player and the inner turmoil you have with yourself over the time together and afterwards”

Score: My Oh My! Bloody hell yeah! This is a powerhouse belter, a boiling steamroller,
a deafening crackerjack. Ongoing volcanic drums, howling guitars and rip-roaring vocals
do your head in and crash your speakers. This cooking duo kick out the jams with badass intensity and merciless energy. This is what happens when anger and rage take over. Thrashing stroke! Blustery uppercut! Turn it up!

Play loud to keep that nasty coronavirus out of your safe home…

SONS: Facebook

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