Fervent Danish Rockers DEERBORN Move With Stirring Single ‘CAN’T FIND MY WAY HOME’…

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29 March 2020

(photo: Katinka Bjerregaard)

It’s been four years since ardent Danish rockers DEERBORN released their highly praised debut album Crash And Burn. But in this unforgettable 2020 year the band return with a follow-up longplayer.

After sharing stormy lead single Where Demons Hide last month the caring quintet just dropped a brand new vivid piece. CAN’T FIND MY WAY HOME positions Deerborn‘s self-proclaimed genre definition ‘dark Americana‘ in a calm and thoughtful expression.

This heart-touching, amplified ballad causes goosebumps. This longing cry out makes
you silent while frontman Lasse Nørby‘s vox takes your breath away and will stir many
lost souls in these dramatic times. This meditation’s burning intenseness and confusing uncertainty fit the dark days we all experience right now. Its desperate sentiment feels painfully familiar at this very moment but mankind’s will to survive is cast-iron. I hope
you all find your way home and be safe.

Tune in right here…

Check also the brilliant lead single ‘Where Demons Hide’

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