WHERE WE SLEEP Impresses With Mesmerizing 5-Track EP ‘EXPERIMENTS IN THE DARK’

5 April 2020

BETH RETTIG, the arresting frontwoman of former British synth act Blindness started
her solo project WHERE WE SLEEP last summer with three ambient tracks (VeinsCrawl and The First One). And last May she released her impressive 5-track debut EP, titled ‘EXPERIMENTS IN THE DARK‘ featuring members of The Fall, Echobelly and Curve. Five hypnotic electro grooves, five profound contemplations, five touchy sentiments. High-quality stuff with Rettig’s sensual voice causing goosebumps.

In an interview with Turn Up The Volume Beth spoke about how hard it is for an indie artist to record music: “It’s really hard for independent musicians to release music. I’m not
sure everyone realises how much goes into getting one song sounding right. It’s so expensive
to get songs recorded, mixed, mastered, promoted etc. and I don’t expect to make any of that cost back from whatever I’m releasing. So at one point, it did occur to me to just release singles to make it a little easier and spread out the costs a bit. But I still like having a body of work of some kind. And, at some point, I’d like to get the EP out as a physical release and that’s obviously, easier than releasing several singles.”

Not the corporate acts need your support in these scary days, it’s artists like Beth Rettig who deserve your backing because this EP is a just great piece of work and we want her back with new music as soon as possible.

Buy/stream ‘EXPERIMENTS IN THE DARK‘ here…


(photo via Beth)

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