Canadian Kamizake Engine METZ – Live In Paris 2017

Remarkable live moments

4 April 2020

Who: Metz (Ottawa, Canada)

Songs: Mr.Plague  from Strange Peace album (2017)
and Eraser from their compilation LP Automat (2019)

Where & When: La Trabendo, Paris, 2017

Note: One of my favorite live bands ever. Kamikaze tumult that makes your speakers tremble, your hair stand up and your ears buzzing. Every time I saw this red-hot-blooded trio their deafening havoc messed up my hungry mind the way I like it. Terrifically raw, in your face and massively LOUD! Noise rock at its kick-ass best. Check them out right here…

Latest longplayer.
Compilation LP ‘AUTOMART

METZ: Facebook

(concert pics by photo by Turn Up The Volume! – Brussels 2015)

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