Daily electricity to load your batteries

7 April 2020

(photo: Colin Medley)

Band: JADE HAIRPINS (Canada)

Who: Fucked Up drummer Jonah Falco and songwriter/guitarist Mike Haliechuk. They sneaked onto the scene in late 2018 with a mysterious 12 inch on Merge Records and a couple of poetic sentences about hiding in trees.

Track: (DON’T BREAK MY) DEVOTION – New single from their upcoming album –
“A technicolor burst through the plastic age, outlying the exhaustion of bad decisions and failures to communicate, all wrapped up in a cornucopia of bubblegum, new wave, disco,
and post-punk.”

Score: A fusion of clobbering electro beats, mental voice fragments and far-out guitars turning this disco rocker into a sickly catchy jackhammer that should be played in all discotheques on this messed up planet. Stay home, stay safe and go insanely bananas
to this striking banger. Kick-ass quarantine firework! Hell yeah!

Catch the cool video clip right here…

While your here check also the previous, steamy single ‘J Terapin’


Debut album ‘HARMONY AVENUE’ out 29th May via Merge records

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