Flamboyant London Gang WARMDUSCHER Hit The Bull’s-Eye With Fourth LP – Here’s ‘TAINTED LUNCH’

7 April 2020

TAINTED LUNCH is the fourth longplayer – undoubtedly their best – by London’s
funky post-punk combo WARMDUSCHER. This flamboyant gang of quirky miscreants produces doomed disco grooves for all outsiders, misfits, and bohemians who reject mainstream music. Saturday night fever for disco loving mavericks. Dashing stuff!

The Line Of Best Fit wrote: “The masters of madness return, with Iggy Pop and Kool Keith in tow, bringing you Warmduscher’s most hideously brilliant record yet… Tainted Lunch is an irresistible delight; once you taste it you know you can never go without it again. Seductive, inescapable, overpowering, and you might need to take a shower afterwards.”
Full review here. Score 9/10.

Play/buy here…





(picture by Holly Whitaker)

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