Swirling Dance Knockout ‘DIFFERENT KIDS’ by British Trio POST ROME

7 April 2020


Who: A band made up of three members that were born and raised in Sunderland. They spent their life growing up with each other from preschool up until secondary school. Starting a band was something they wanted to take seriously and make a name for themselves in the place they love which is Sunderland.

Track: DIFFERENT KIDS – new single – A song about “A lot of memories and life lessons when growing up. The lyrics within the track represents attitude of being honest and open to each other within the band, which also expresses that although we make mistakes it is only because of the learning process to becoming adults.”

Score: This is a vivid disco stomper. A sickly sticky dance knockout. A glamorous groove with a swirling beat and a vibrant drive. A dance floor earworm that will boost your mood in these obscure isolation days. Stay home, stay safe and pirouette yourself dizzy.

Shake your booty right here…

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