Singer/Songwriter ATTAWALPA Released His Exquisite And Versatile Debut EP ‘SPELLS’…

15 April 2020

(photo: Tom Beard)

Singer/songwriter ATTAWALPA is a South American artist based in London who’s “music is the sum of his influences, a colourful and culturally rich Schmorgers board of sounds, textures, emotions, and grooves from eras across a multitude of genres; sitting comfortably in between rock, alternative and pop spaces. His Peruvian heritage plays a part too.”

He came under Turn Up The Volume‘s radar with his single Holliday, a mesmerizing and bluesy power ballad. Attawalpa assembled this track and three previous singles for his debut EP called SPELLS. A great-crafted, versatile piece of pop excellence.

Opener ‘BORROWED TIME‘ is a laid back, tremendously catchy and soulful tune with Attawalpa‘s near-whispering voice adding a sensual touch. TAKE A BITE is a funky snorter with a Prince like groove, a short Purple Rain guitar solo shot, again, an intoxicating chorus. Song three is the aforementioned slo-mo musing HOLLIDAY. And the exquisite EP ends with a shadowy and seductive reverie called GO TO THE MOON.

These four graceful pearls, coloured with multi-layered orchestrations, shows an imaginative and impassioned artist with a transcendent vox and the masterly gift
to write absorbing songs with a highly sticking melodiousness.

Tune in here…

EP available via Bandcamp and Apple Music

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