Forceful Hard Rockers LIBER ELECTRO Hammers Hard On Title Track Of New Album – Here’s ‘FUEL’

16 April 2020


Who: A UK based metal band in Odessa, Ukraine in
October 2013 by composer Maxim Gorovenko

Song: FUEL  title track from their brand new rowdy album

Score: Wow! Wow! Wow! Fuel will do your head in. This metallic Molotov cocktail causes thunder and lighting. It’s an uproarious blast, a red-hot cannonball, a pulverizing outburst with a sickly sticky chorus you can scream along until the walls come tumbling down. Add frontwoman Liudmila Vasilieva‘s atom-splitting voice and what you get is a blood-curdling steamroller. No mercy, no bullshit, no birds and bees. Only furious hullabaloo to test your speakers’ flexibility. Expect a highway to hell, headbangers!

Press play…

Discover also the excellent new
album ‘Fuel’ right here…

More on ReverbNation

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