Smoking Rockers IVY RYE Take You On A Rollercoaster With New Powerful Single ‘CLOUDS’…

Daily electricity to load your sonic batteries…

16 April 2020


Who: “Emerging from Lexington, Kentucky, the band Ivy Rye has hit the ground running with their multifaceted sound since 2017. Encompassing a style that stays true to the spirit of rock n’ roll while maintaining the relatability of pop music with distilled, witty rap verses and energetic, tasteful musicianship.”


Score: Hells Bells! Here’s some rollicking power rock. Ivy Rye takes you on an explosive rollercoaster. This hair-rising, quietLoudquiet slam dunk will make you want to bang
your poor lockdown head against a wall. Rushing from Pearl Jam to Rage Against The Machine and back Clouds has the knockdown vigor of an eruptive volcano, the hefty
impact of a merciless sledgehammer, the hair-raising fervency of a bloodthirsty critter. Turn up the decibels so your home-bound neighbors can go bonkers too. Absofuckinglutely!

Here’s the fury…

Also on Spotify

IVY RYE: Facebook – More on ReverbNation


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