Get Up, Stand Up And Fight For Your Right To Dance With Synth Pop Band JUPE JUPE

23 April 2020

Seattle’s synth-pop outfit JUPE JUPE formed in 2010. They produce a danceable, yet shadowy soundscape, with vocals crooning over pulsing beats as guitars and sax cut across panoramic washes of synth. They released a new 5-track EP called NIGHTFALL, described as “a noir cocktail with hook-laden songs about yearning that are simultaneously upbeat and melancholy.”

My favorite track is the EP’s closer LEAVE YOU LONELY. A swirling synth tune that draws your aural attention from the kick-off, a vibrant earworm driven by a sparkling melody line creating rapturous sonorousness that’ll put a big smile on your face in these surreal times. Although it’s a sorrowful love song the elevating tonality, irresistible rhythm, catching chorus and sultry sax has an instant adrenalin pumping effect à la New Order. Electronic ravishment indeed. Get up, stand up and fight for your right to dance, right here…

And while you’re here check the video for another
Nightfall cut called How Could We Both Be In Love

Stream/purchase the EP in full…

JUPE JUPE: Facebook

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