Los Angeles Based Rockers AELISH Groove On Angry Single ‘WEEP’…

22 April 2020

Californian rock act AELISH was formed by two Portland born sisters, Synden and Rowan Healy who have been writing and performing original music together since they were kids. They revisit and revamp a genre that has sat in the shadows for the past several decades.

Their latest single ‘WEEP‘ is an anger-fueled rocker. A solid gold bass-driven groove. A vivacious cracker with a bluesy touch, electrifying guitar lines and brisk vocals balancing between Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks and the rockiest moments of today’s shining star Sharon Van Etten. And when the catching chorus kick in you’ll definitely stand up and shake your booty to the pumping beat. The song is obviously about an ex-lover. “For you I don’t weep, for you I don’t cry. Fuck you, your religion too.” You’re warned, folks, don’t mess with the Heal sisters, just rock until you drop. The accompanying video shows a cool beauty rollerskating through the sunny streets of L.A.

Listen, watch and shake your hips…

AELISH: Facebook

(photo on top received via artist)

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