Rowdy British Rockers MINT Fly At Supersonic Speed On Their New Explosive Track ‘TURBULENCE’…

22 April 2020

Rowdy and razor-sharp mouthed British rockers MINT led by singer/songwriter, half Palestinian, Zak Rashid know exactly what they want: “We’re as scared and angry as any other person our age. If we can provide a soundtrack for people that can relate then we have made a difference. We’re not a protest band and not every song will be a protest. We can’t afford to take a day off work and travel to London to add our voice. But we’re not just going
to watch TV and read online either.”

The heavy hammering 4-piece just dropped a new track/clip called ‘TURBULENCE’.
“It’s a nod to mental health seen through a cinematic plane crash.“.

This new cut rushes like a lighting fast jet fighter with the earsplitting power of a supersonic fireball. Expect a clamorous barnstormer fueled by a boiling drum/bass
force, trashing guitars and boisterous vocals. Maniacal frontman Rashid screams his
heart and soul out in a hellish way giving you the impression he can explode any second. This high-voltage blast will make the hair in the back of your neck stand up.

“This is your captain speaking / Never forget this feeling”

Get on board right here…

MINT: Facebook

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