Electro Pop Duo ‘BOA vs COBRA’ Hits Again With Booming Beats – Here’s ‘DEVIATE’…

Only last week fresh electro-pop act BOA vs COBRA, a Belgo-Canadian tandem with Sandy Fee (vocals-lyrics-composition) and JP King (bass guitar-percussions-lyrics-composition) was Pick Of The Day on Turn Up The Volume with their intoxicating and ravishing debut single ‘Brighter Days‘ and the colorful pair is already back with another supreme stroke.

DEVIATE is a booming disco knockout, a deep pop house hook, and a striking synth whopper that raises your body temperature on the spot and invites you to do a seducing cobra dance. The reverberating beats and Fee‘s awe-inspiring voice make you forget these spooky quarantine days for a while. So don’t hesitate, clear your living room’s floor and have some Saturday night fever.

Tune in right here…

BOA vs COBRA: Facebook

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