North England Rockers PRYSM Score Hattrick With New Blistering Banger ‘WATCHERS’…

New sonic impulses

27 April 2020

After last year’s excellent singles Turn It Up and Destiny North England’s notable rockers PRYSM nail it again with a new exuberant juggernaut. Three top strokes in a row is like a sonic hattrick!

After a reverberating guitar intro ‘WATCHERS‘ unfolds quickly its high-energy swagger
and vibrant beat. Wah-wah guitars vitalize this blistering banger with psychedelic riffs,
dashing vocals crank up the heat and inject the chorus with full-voiced pizzazz making
it sound like if Liam Gallagher is turning The La‘s into a rock band. Listen closely and on repeat and you’ll agree with me. Anyway, Prysm scores another triumphant winner completing their hattrick. An uplifting stimulus in these troubled isolation days.

Here’s the dazzling video clip…

PRYSM: Facebook

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